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Winners of the scholarships


Winners of the scholarships

On 21 July, the list of winners of the scholarships promoted by the Centre for Books and Reading (Cepell) and Biblioteche di Roma was published on the website, which can be consulted at the following link

The Commission evaluated twenty applications from Spain, Croatia, Denmark, the Russian Federation, Greece, Romania, Germany, Serbia, Israel, Estonia, Albania, Argentina, the Netherlands and the United States of America.

The European translators who won the scholarships are: Manon Smits, Demetra Dotsi, Mimoza Hysa Çuliqi, Gabriela Lungu, Aida Baro, Ana Badurina, María Ortega Máñez, Barbara Kleiner, Marija Spasic, Kaidi Saavan and Helena Alvarado I Esteve. Candidates from outside Europe include Shirley Finzi Loew, Martha and Anna Witt, Brian Robert Moore and William Soares dos Santos. The scholarship holders’ stays will resume on 16 August, the date on which the Casa delle Traduzioni will reopen the residence attached to the library.