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Zurich: Vincenzo Latronico and Isabella Sorace

Thursday 5 October 2023, 7pm, at Zentrum Im Gut, Burstwiesenstrasse 48, Zurich, meeting with writers Vincenzo Latronico and Isabella Sorace, authors of two novels with a similar general theme (expatriates) but a very different narrative structure: Le perfezioni (Bompiani 2022) and Expat (MnM, 2022).

Le perfezioni tells the story of Anna and Tom, a well-established creative couple in Berlin who have to cope with the emptiness and melancholy of having somehow achieved their goals; Sara, the protagonist of Expat, is a restless traveller in search of a new centre of balance, torn between the need to assert her individuality and the emergence of new feelings.

The debate will be moderated by Francesco Ziosi, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Zurich.