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10 in scienze – La storia della vita sulla Terra

10 in scienze – La storia della vita sulla Terra

10 questions, 10 games, 10 topics to discover the secrets about living beings that have inhabited the earth in the last 4 billion years!

The notebook consists of 10 sections, each dedicated to a different phase of the evolution of living beings on Earth. What is a living being? How did life on Earth appear? Why did dinosaurs dominate the world but then go extinct? These are some of the questions you will need to try to answer by LOOKING, EXPERIMENTING, AND PLAYING.

In the worksheets accompanying the notebook you will find all the materials needed to assemble the 10 SCIENTIFIC GAMES with your own hands.

A journey through time that allows you to explore the history of our wonderful planet from the window of an exceptional means of transport also used by great scientists from all over the world, the EXPERIMENTAL METHOD, and all from your home and without the need for special tools.

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 05/2019

Published in: Trento

Number of pages: 48

Price: € 13,50

ISBN: 9788859023715

Foreign rights manager: Valeria Agliuzzo (

10 in scienze – La storia della vita sulla Terra

Giuliano Menghini

Giuliano Menghini, graduated in Natural Science, he taught biology, chemistry and Earth science in high schools. He also projected and designed some of the best Italian scientific educational games.