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33 Indagini per Sarti Antonio

33 Indagini per Sarti Antonio

The 33 investigations of Sarti Antonio now collected in one volume!

Sarti Antonio, is an honest and tenacious police sergeant. He is an antihero portrayed in all his humanity and has an extraordinary memory. He loves coffee and suffers from chronic colitis. He lives in Bologna, where most of his investigations take place,  to which he is forced to collaborate willy-nilly. To help him solving the cases, there is Rosas “the mole”, who was a member of the leftist extra-parliamentary movement, an eternal university student, with a sharp and discerning intellect.Loriano Macchiavelli has never abandoned his character. He has continued to write stories centered on his Bolognese police sergeant, always up to date with current events. Through these short stories we end up discovering important pieces of the policeman’s past, and some striking parallelisms with our present, when he writes about immigration and black market labour. In fact, the world of Sarti Antonio is a true and faithful copy of ours. In this book readers will find all the investigations published between the mid 70ies through 2008. Readers will learn about the other familiar characters who share the protagonist’s adventures: Felice Cantoni, who drives his car 28; Chief Inspector Raimondi Cesari; the archivist Poli Ugo known as “the Crippled” and “the Blondie”, intimate friend of Sarti Antonio.

Genre: Murder Mystery/Horror

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 992

Price: 20,00

ISBN: 9788893902465

Foreign rights manager: Natoli Stefan & Oliva Literary Agency

33 Indagini per Sarti Antonio

Loriano Macchiavelli

Loriano Macchiavelli, was born in Vergato (Bologna) in 1934. He began working in the theatre’s world and from 1974 he devoted himself full time to crime and noir novels. With over 40 novels published, he is now one of the best established Italian crime and mystery authors. Mondadori publishes his front list titles in their main series, and his best novels in their new collection of crime stories Oscar Gialli Mondador, while Einaudi have re-issued his major backlist titles.