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Ai Weiwei – Cento milioni di semi di girasole in porcellana

Ai Weiwei, is a Chinese artist who fights for human and civil rights. Architect, designer, director, he is the author of provocative and irreverent works through which he describes China and denounces some of the decisions of his government. In 2008 he created an installation full of meanings: 100 million sunflower seeds in hand-decorated porcelain according to Chinese artisan tradition. Ai Weiwei\’s works allow us to reflect on the human condition, its evolutions and its contradictions.

Lucia Cannone lives in turin. With Il Ciliegio she has published for the start series: The Abramović method for kids (2017); See me: my name is Banksy (2017); The wonderland of Yayoi Kusama (2018); The upside-down world of Anish Kapoor (2018); The story of time by Fiona Tan (2019); Perino & Vele, a soft papier-machè coat (2019); Wordgames by Jenny Holzer (2019) e Ai Weiwei 100 million porcelain sunflower seeds (2020).