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Alfa Rosso

Alfa Rosso

As young people they have militated in elite armed bodies around the world: SAS, Foreign Legion, Spetsnaz, Navy Seal. But the years pass, and now they are back to civilian life. However, they are always ready to return to action and to fight with no holds barred, if one of them launches the ’Alfa Rosso’ appeal. Eight men, two young and six veterans. They have a past in special forces across the world and a present in civilian life, with professions ranging from cook to lawyer, park ranger, actor. There is a mutual aid pact to tie them. And he is one of them, a Russian businessman, to invoke him when he is faced with a request he cannot refuse: he comes from those who saved his life many years before. To call it into question is the president of a small republic born from the collapse of the former Soviet empire. He is a scientist, and has developed a system for caging the energy of lightning, a procedure possible also thanks to a particular metal, extracted in a mine not far from the capital. The aims of a multinational company that hides an ever-growing thirst for power behind its discovery and raw materials to make it. The multinational corrupts a large part of the local police, occupies the mine, attacks the laboratory and takes hostages the scientists who from all over the world are in congress in the capital of the small state, the day the president-scientist intends to share his technology with humanity. The situation is largely compromised, the ’bad guys’ are one step away from success. But the outcome will be different because, at least in novels, the good guys can win. Always ready to go into action when the ’Alfa Rosso’ code is triggered.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:

Buckfast Edizioni

Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Pecetto Torinese (TO)

Number of pages: 426

Price: 18,00 €

ISBN: 9788899551193

Alfa Rosso

Enrico Bassignana

Enrico Bassignana was born in Turin in 1958. Journalist and writer, he has published dozens of essays in various areas of interest: from local history to Italian popular traditions, from religion to esotericism with a skeptical approach. He is interested in history, traditions and military technologies: Alfa Rosso is his first novel.