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ALFABETO ITALIANO: a series of podcasts in 4 languages to learn about the world of books in Italy.

ALFABETO ITALIANO. A series of podcasts in 4 languages to learn about the world of books in Italy.

A production of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and, in collaboration with the cultural association Monteverdelegge

How does the world revolve around the book work today? What does the work of a publishing house consist of? And how do Italian publishers look abroad? Italian Alphabet, the podcast created by Storielibere for the Farnesina, tells the story of our country’s publishing in 24 words, from the A of the Literary Agency to the Z of Zibaldone. To lead the journey to discover the passionate work hidden behind each book is Maria Teresa Carbone, author, journalist and translator, who from time to time meets managers of publishing houses, booksellers and communicators, graphic designers and translators, teachers and illustrators: an ideal journey towards two events that see the Italian presence in the foreground, the Salon du Livre in Paris 2023 and the Buchmesse in Frankfurt 2024.

Listen to the trailer:

Trailer – Alfabeto Italiano |

Listen to the episodes:

Alfabeto Italiano |

Alfabeto Italiano – FR |

Alfabeto Italiano – ENG |

Alfabeto Italiano – DE |



A for Literary Agencies (Agenzie letterarie)

The great mediators, a look at an increasingly crucial role

B as Children (Bambini)

One of the most successful publishing segments abroad (and the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna a global leader)

C as Catalogue

How the catalogue of a publishing house changes

D as Drawings

The importance of figures, the explosion of manga and comics

E as Newcomers (Esordienti)

Intercepting new voices, the lifeblood of tomorrow’s publishing industry

F as in Festivals

Places of encounter and cultural and commercial exchange

G as in Graphics

The beauty of covers, the role of Italian designers

H as in Hobbies

Cooking, seaside (and gardening etc.) publishing “niches

I as Ideas

Books as vehicles for the circulation of knowledge

K as in Know How

An overall view of Italian publishing

L as Bookshop (Libreria)

The importance of meeting, in Italy and abroad

M as in World (Mondo)

Large and small bridges between Italy and the planet

N as News

Books on the counter, intuition and experimentation

O as Ears (Orecchie)

The audiobook boom (also an opportunity to learn the Italian language?)

P as in Prize

An essential showcase in Italy and beyond

Q as Back Cover (Quarta di copertina)

The business card of a book, sometimes a true literary genre

R as in Editorial Staff (Redazione)

How the heart of the publishing house works (but is it still like that?)

S as School

Studying with books, studying to make books

T as in Translation

No longer invisible and increasingly important, translation as seen from abroad

U as in Press Office (Ufficio Stampa)

Communicating books, what’s the secret?

V as in Virtual

What we talk about when we talk about digital

X as in X-Small

One-man or one-woman shows, tiny publishing houses

Y as in YA (Young Adults)

Publishing for the transition age, a crucial time

Z as Zibaldone

The great classics, alw