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Amarsi nella pancia ( Love your bowels)

Amarsi nella pancia ( Love your bowels)


Bloating, heartburn, permanent fatigue conditions, skin problems, fungalinfections, cystitis as well as depression and several psychologicalproblems are all issues that can be more or less directly related to theill health of our gastrointestinal system.Love Your Bowels looks into all aspects of one’s abdomen, providinga comprehensive anatomical, physiological, energy and spiritual descriptionof your intestine, followed by a hands-on, illustrated part that dealswith healing, detox, bowel cleansing, massage, self-massage, products,remedies and much more.

Genre: How-To

Subject: Medicine

Publishing house:

Edizioni il Punto d\'Incontro

Year of publication: 2011

Published in: Vicenza

Number of pages: 128

Price: 9,90

ISBN: 9788880937265

Foreign rights manager: Cristina Levi (

Amarsi nella pancia ( Love your bowels)

Pierre Pellizzari

PIERRE PELLIZZARI has devoted 15years to reflexology and naturopathy.His main interests are the discovery,experimentation and teaching of easilyapplied, inexpensive and effectivemethods for improving health. He holdsindividual sessions and seminars inreflexology, aqua-healing, Hamer ‘s NewMedicine and nutritional wellbeing.