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In a small town in the heart of New England, a young girl named Emily writes poetry on tiny sheets of paper that she hides in her desk drawer. Emily talks about flowers, plants, animals and loved ones. But her room is also populated by other creatures that most people don’t know, because no one but her can see them: they are angels, who have come from who knows where, who leave messages around the house that only she can decipher. Ever since they arrived, they have never left, and so one day Emily started writing about them.

Genre: Poetry

Publishing house:

Carthusia Edizioni

Year of publication: 2007

Published in: Italy

Number of pages: 32

Price: 17,90

ISBN: 978-88-6945-058-7

Foreign rights manager:


Emily Dickinson - Sonia Possentini

Painter and illustrator, she collaborates with many of the most important Italian publishers. In 2017 he won the Andersen prize for best illustrator.