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From clothes to the home, from beauty to inner equilibrium: find the colours that are your friends and those that are your enemies. A new magic beauty secret.

What would you do if there were a spell that could, overnight, make your skin more glowing, your eyes more shiny and your smile more brilliant? Well, let us tell you that this spell already exists, it uses the magic of colour, is called colour analysis and constitutes the latest trend. The magic formula is an analysis of colour in all its components – undertone, intensity and contrast. Each of us has his or her colour palette, depending on our skin, eyes and hair combination. Knowing it is essential in order to choose our clothes, accessories, furniture and also hair colour and make-up.

Sometimes, being happy is simply a matter of the right combination.

Genre: How-To

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 272

Price: 16.90

ISBN: 9788855050838

Foreign rights manager: Viviana Vuscovich

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Rossella Migliaccio

Rossella Migliaccio was born in Naples and brought up in Milan. After graduating from Milan’s Bocconi University, she began to work in the world of advertising and fashion publications. She relocated to London, where she obtained an international qualification as Image Consultant and started working with private clients and companies across Europe. She has taught at institutions and academies, including the Milan Polytechnic and the Sole24Ore Business School. She is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International and set up Italy’s first institute devoted to image consultancy, the Italian Image Institute. She runs business to business and general public courses, and has become a point of reference for prestigious brands and companies, public figures and influencers. This is her first book.