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Autoritratto nello studio

Autoritratto nello studio

Foreign rights sold:
Mala Zvona (Croatia, Kronos (Poland), Adriana Hidalgo (world Spanish), Seagull (world English), Chongqing UP (China), Getsuyo Sha (Japan), Autentica (Brazil), Ad marginem (Russia)

Here, the title Self-portrait in the studio – a familiar iconographic subject in the history of painting should be understood literally: the book is a self-portrait that can only be deciphered by the reader through a patient scrutiny of the images, photographs, objects, and paintings that belong to the studios in which the author has worked and is still working. Agamben’s challenge is to talk about himself by talking only about others: poets, philosophers, painters, musicians, friends and passions – the encounters and conflicts that have formed and nurtured him and that still contribute in various ways and measures to his own writing. From Heidegger to Elsa Morante, from Melville to Walter Benjamin, from Caproni to Giovanni Urbani. Pictures are an integral part of this book and like in those puzzles where various figures juxtaposed to one another compose a different and larger image, here pictures merge with the text in one of the most exceptional self-portraits that an author has ever left of himself: not a lengthy autobiography, but a faithful and timeless autoeterography.

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2017

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 136

Price: 20 euro

ISBN: 9788874526673

Foreign rights manager: Maria Leonardi

Premi: Nel 2018 ha ricevuto il Premio Nonino "Maestro del nostro tempo".

Autoritratto nello studio

Giorgio Agamben

Giorgio Agamben (Rome, 1942) is a philosopher. His wide body of work has been translated worldwide. His recent works include: Nudità (2011), Categorie italiane (2010), and Opus Dei (2012)

Other translations:
Profanazioni (2005), Nudità (2009) Pilato e Gesú (2013), Il fuoco e il racconto (2014), L’avventura (2015) e Pulcinella (2016).