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A book to play hide and seek, discovering Franco Matticchio’s children on every page.Hidden among tree branches, behind doors, under cushions, in cupboards and elsewhere.So many children with evocative names who hide in unpredictable disguises or in unlikely places.For guaranteed fun!

Franco Matticchio is one of the best known and most appreciated illustrators on the Italian publishing scene.His published collections of drawings include: Sogni e disegni (1997), Pip (2000), Trilogia del Signor Ahi (2005). In the catalogue of Vànvere edizioni: Libretto Postale (2012), Libretto Postale 2 (2014), Animali Sbagliati (2016), Non sono stato io (2018), Ho dimenticato l’ombrello (2019), Animali sbagliati 3 (2020