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Benvenuti nel Pornocene. All you can fuck!

Diligent and intrusive, porn 2.0 is one of the most distinctive products of hypermedia technocapitalism, and it stands as a privileged key to understanding the epochal transition in which we are immersed. The anthropological metamorphosis taking place today also and above all passes through the interaction with revolutionary devices such as Google, Amazon and Facebook, services that are slowly but effectively transforming our existences. Online pornography is interpreted here as a macro-apparatus within which subjects’ identities, relational metamorphoses, perceptions of corporeality, investment of desires and new social practices are played out and redefined. Sex robots and food porn, Black Mirror and Myss Keta, Lady Gaga and Rick and Morty, YouTubo Even Me and the Madonna of Medjugorie: drawing on the vast imagery of pop culture and in constant dialogue with authors such as Baudrillard, Pasolini, Heidegger and Foucault, the author provides us with an initial, provisional but valuable map to orient ourselves in the crowded streets of the newly born Pornocene.

Davide Navarria is Ph.D. in Religious Anthropology and teacher of history and philosophy in high schools. He deals with new media and pornography, TV series and horror cinema, phenomena read and interpreted in the light of his studies in psychoanalytic, philosophical, and anthropological fields.