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Boomers contro millennials. 7 bugie sul futuro e come iniziare a cambiare

Seven clichés. Seven lies. From ‘study hard and everything will be fine’ to ‘if you work properly you will soon have the money to buy a house’. Beniamino Pagliaro recounts the problems that recent generations have had to face, from less protected contracts, to phantom and highly hypothetical pensions, with the certainty of being, for the first time in more than a century, poorer than their parents. A book on the recent past, the present and above all the future, to overcome the generational clash and design, together, a better tomorrow.

Beniamino Pagliaro was born in Trieste in 1987. Editor at La Repubblica and founder of Good Morning Italia, he deals with the digital economy. His latest book is Attenzione! Capire l’economia digitale ti può cambiare la vita (Hoepli, 2018).