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Branding by Design. Gli otto caratteri della marca post digitale

In the era of the mass media, brands have prospered by aiming to reduce the level of consumer uncertainty and differentiating the offer from that of competitors, in a relatively stable economic and social framework. Then, over the last two decades, the growing affirmation of digital channels has been seen by businesses as an opportunity to make branding activities cheaper and more traceable, without changing the value generation model and established customer interaction practices. Today, however, it has become difficult to use this model to predict the returns from marketing activities and only a small number of brands have managed, through digital, to build a different brand, open to contributions from those outside and able to adapt resiliently to the specific demands of specific targets. Branding by Design recounts this evolution, identifying the characteristic traits of brands that have been able to create and capture value in an exponentially more complex and uncertain system. Today the brand is no longer a static object: digital has made it similar to a person, with its character traits, its role and its connections in our lives. And as such it requires a mindset open to new things, to look to the future, listen to the market and, in the face of its evolution, try to embrace it and not to manage it. In the impossibility of foreseeing every situation, it is better to rely on a clear set of principles through which to guide the action of a product in an ecosystem in constant metamorphosis. This is the nature of agile branding or branding by design.

Giuseppe Mayer has been involved in brand strategy and digital marketing for more than twenty years, having held various roles in multinational companies in the communication sector including the Armando Testa Group, Grey/WPP, Ambito5/Publicis and Isobar/Dentsu. MBA at SDA Bocconi School of Management and Master in Strategy & Organization at Stanford Graduate School of Business, he is author of From Spot to Post (2015) and co-author of Digital Transformation (2017).