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Venice, 12 November 2019: unprecedented high water, in a year that saw Alaska and Siberia in flames, and increased melting of glaciers in Greenland. These are the signs of an unprecedented time in which the threat of climate change makes itself felt with growing force upon the human family, provoking the reaction of the youth of Fridays for Future. We are learning to call this age “Anthropocene” in which human beings are becoming the main factor moving the biological and geological story of the planet.How are we to live in this time? How can we deal with changes on the planetary ecosystem level which supports life? What are the ethical prospects for sustainability and eco-justice? To provide a future to the human family, demanding transformations are needed on the behavioral level both personal and social: an ecological conversion, a change of course, a just transition. But which anthropological and theological horizons might accompany such a process?

SIMONE MORANDINI teaches theology of creation at the Institute of Ecumenical Studies San Bernardino in Venice, of which he is the vice-president, and at the Theological Faculty of Triveneto. He coordinates the “Conservation of Creation” group of the National Office of Social Problems and Labor of the Italian Bishops Conference. Among his recent publications is Theology of Ecumenism (EDB 2018).