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Why are all the children suddenly singing in chorus, in the middle of the night, in the skyscrapers of the endless city of the dead? A cop called D’Arco, on duty at the police station in the same city, is given the task of finding out, even at the cost of returning to the city of the living, from whence he came and where he was killed. Thus begins this unexpected, formidable novel by Antonio Moresco, widely regarded as the greatest author of our literature. In this novel, alongside the irreducible hero protagonist, the reader will meet many unforgettable characters: the mute child with a scar across his neck in the shape of a barbed wire necklace, the Man of Light with his legions of followers, Quella, the woman loved by D’Arco, the serial killers dressed as spouses, Lazlo, the love dummies, the God and the gods of love. And then he will find darkness and light, almost as if they were material entities, and creatures living in the tides of darkness and those of light… Canto di D’arco is a highly original metaphysical thriller, an unsettling detective story taken to its extreme ends. And it is a fast-paced novel of action and love, not a writer’s game of skill around a highly successful literary genre. Antonio Moresco, with his unmistakable writing style, at once energetic and refined, takes the novel of plot and suspense – today often reduced to mere entertainment through endless serial re-propositions – back to its fiery origins, when poets, novelists and thinkers, starting from popular and compelling narrative forms, opened up unimaginable spaces of invention through the breach of literature.

Antonio Moresco was born in Mantua in 1947. His books have been translated into numerous languages. For SEM editions he has published: Fiabe da Antonio Moresco, Il grido, Lo sbrego, Fiaba d’amore del vecchio pazzo e della meravigliosa ragazza morta, Canto di D’Arco, Gli incendiati, Clandestinità, Chisciotte, La cipolla and Scritti di viaggio, di combattimento e di sogno.