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Carlotta & lo zio elettrico, un’avventura rock’n’roll

Carlotta certainly does not imagine the terrible puzzle that’s about to upset her summer! Uncle Arturo, the most dazed musician that exists, takes her on a road trip on a tractor and under the banner of music. The mission? Find all the pieces of the guitar by Big Mama Wolf, the greatest artist of all times. Few clues, characters definitely out of the ordinary, but above all… the “electric” uncle will he have told the whole truth? Guitars, drums, tractors, loves: they are all there the ingredients for an unpredictabl estory, full of laughs and rock’n’roll!»

Writer and illustrator, made his debut in 2008 with the novel Le memorie di Alessandro. Since, as well as illustrating books by other authors, he wrote Il sosia di Napoleone, but also first readings, illustrated books and comics such as Pesi massimi and La leggenda di Zumbi l’immortale (withFabio Stassi).