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Caschi da volo radiotelefonici della Regia Aeronautica

Caschi da volo radiotelefonici della Regia Aeronautica

This volume is the fifth of the Aviolibri Series. With the precious collaboration of his collector friends and the support provided by the Aeronautica Militare, the author has been able to bring some light on this little known field of flight helmets of the Regia Aeronauticain Second World War. The text, including captions, is offered both in Italian and English, and deals with all aspects of the massive number of different helmets illustrated. Photographs are 45 in colour and 19 black and white.

Genre: Other

Subject: Technology / Engineering / Agriculture

Publishing house:

IBN Istituto Bibliografico Napoleone sas

Year of publication: 2011

Published in: Roma

Number of pages: 62

Price: 12.30

ISBN: 9788886815833

Caschi da volo radiotelefonici della Regia Aeronautica

Alberto Spaziani

Alberto Spaziani was born in Rome on 1958. He obtained a pilot licence and he is qualified for various types of planes. He has been a collector of flight equipment for the past twenty years. He is especially interested of those belonging to the Italian Regia Aeronautica. He wrote and collaborated for a few periodicals specialized on military collectionism. He has been collaborating also with Viga di Valle Museum, where he exhibits the antique uniforms and equipment that he collects.