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Promoting Italian book publishing throughout the world

In other languages

Leonardo Sciascia in other languages

Leonardo Sciascia, one of the most translated contemporary Italian authors in the world.

Alberto Savinio in other languages

Any considerations regarding the circulation of Alberto Savinio’s works abroad must necessarily begin with an examination of their dissemination in ...

Sibilla Aleramo in other languages

Rina Faccio (1876-1960), an emancipated woman of many talents, was reborn as a writer under the pseudonym Sibilla Aleramo, producing ...

Pinocchio in Other Languages

The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi is without a doubt the most translated book in world literature.

Alba de Céspedes in Other Languages.

“Inner cosmopolitanism” is a characteristic feature of Alba de Céspedes, a polyglot writer and traveller, who always paid close attention ...

Giuseppe Dessí in Other Languages

Dessí’s first period of fortune abroad was during the 1940s-1960s, namely during the period in which he was writing.

Dante’s Inferno translated and visualized by Tom Phillips

One of the most remarkable Twentieth Century English versions of Inferno is by the English artist Tom Phillips

Giorgio Bassani in other languages

The European dimension of Bassani’s writing

Antonio Tabucchi in other languages

Antonio Tabucchi is one of Italy’s most known contemporary authors abroad. His books have been translated in over fifty languages.

Goffredo Parise in other languages

Goffredo Parise; from Vicenza to Latvia, a talent that crosses borders and fascinates ...

Carlo Emilia Gadda in other languages 

Translations of  the works of Carlo Emilio Gadda in the world

Umberto Eco in other languages

One of the best-known Italian writers in the world

Natalia Ginzburg in other languages

Le opere di Natalia Ginzburg tradotte in oltre venticinque lingue

Anna Banti in other languages

The diffusion of Anna Banti’s works