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Agatha Sidebottom has far worse problems than her name. Agatha Sidebottom’s life is a total disaster. Fortunately, there’s her wonderful cat, Yoda, a black ball of pure self-centeredness and fluff. Agatha shares everything with her, especially The Mew Mew Girls, her favorite TV show. Wouldn’t it be great if Yoda were her best friend? But life doesn’t work like it does in the intergalactic world of The Mew Mew Girls. Or does it? Who is that wild girl who suddenly appears on her bed and starts licking her hands?!

A young new author with an exciting writing style laced with humor and a surprising knack of seeing things through a child’s eyes. A story told by the protagonist pussy cat. Who wouldn’t want to know what their pets think!
Longlisted for Bancarellino prize 2020.

Valentina Manzetti was born just near the fire station in Borgomanero in 1989. She works in children’s publishing and, when she’s not thinking about books, enjoys shopping sprees, binge watching, and swimming in lakes.