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Chi manda le onde (The Breaking of a Wave)

Chi manda le onde (The Breaking of a Wave)

Foreign rights sold:
Rights sold in Germany (Surhkamp/Insel), US and UK (Europa Editions), Netherlands (Signatuur), France (Lattes), Brazil (Valentina)


A powerful celebration of life in a touching, imaginative and vibrant novel

Sometimes waves come and overwhelm the apparently quiet surface of life. That happens to Luna, an albino girl, who collects a thousand strange things that wash ashore; to  her brother Luca, the king of the surf,  so different from her, tanned by the sun of Versilia and adored by all the girls. And it happens to  their mother Serena, a beautiful woman who raised them alone. When one of these lives ends tragically, it overwhelmes the others like a tsunami. Thanks to a ramshackle army of characters and their funny and bittersweet stories, life itself will shake the protagonists with its wonder and will turn them into a wonderful, unconventional family.  And the see mysteriously will begin to talk… An unforgettable blend of characters and stories, suspended like a dream, bittersweet and funny, touching and vibrant like life itself.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:

Mondadori Libri

Year of publication: 2015

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 389

Price: €19,00

ISBN: 9788804634737

Foreign rights manager: Foreign rights manager Emanuela Canali

Premi: Premio Strega Giovani 2015

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Chi manda le onde (The Breaking of a Wave)

Fabio Genovesi

Fabio Genovesi was born in 1974 in Forte dei Marmi in Versilia. He is the author of the following novels: Esche vive (2011), Versilia Rock City (2012), Chi manda le onde (2015), Il mare dove non si tocca (2017), Cadrò sognando di volare (2020). He is a frequent contributor to “Corriere della Sera” and to its literary supplement “La Lettura”.

Other translations:
I libri di Fabio Genovesi sono molto tradotti all’estero. Tra i suoi editori stranieri: Dudaj/Albania, Patakis/Grecia, Forlaget Palomar/Danimarca, Yedhiot/Israel, Via Lettera/Bulgaria, C. Bertelsman/Germania, Luebbe/Germania, HyundaeMunhak/Korea, The Old Lion/Ukraine