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Foreign rights sold:
Francia (Steinkis); Spagna (Nuevo Nueve)

Cynthia is the woman that every man would love to be. 

Cynthia Otherside is a platinum blonde transgender bombshell, a idiosyncratic anti-hero, and Leo Ortolani crafts her story, in a stylish and elegant musical of a graphic novel. There are both laughing and crying in Cynthia: smart puns are alternated with tributes to movies and songs (An Officer and a Gentleman, for instance, but also Aretha Franklin singing You make me feel like a natural woman). Cynthia is an essential and necessary book, speaking to all of us, to the outsiders and to who never feel appropriate and comfortable in their own shoes, pushing towards a deeper reflection: what are we willing to do in order to achieve happiness? And how far are we going to get before we accept ourselves, our imperfections, our unique stains and blemishes?

Publishing house:

BAO Publishing

Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 240

Price: 20€

ISBN: 978-88-3273-155-2

Foreign rights manager: Vanessa Nascimbene


Leo Ortolani

Leo Ortolani is one of the most important cartoonists in Italy, and his ironic and stinging books have been widely awarded. With BAO Publishing he published Cinemah. Il buio in sala (2016), Oh! Le meraviglie (2017), Cinzia (2018), Due figlie e altri animali feroci (2019), Cinemah. Il buio colpisce ancora (2019) and Bedelia (2020).