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Cosa vuol dire fare l’uomo?

«Be a man!», you must have heard this a thousand times. But what does it really mean? Who decides what it implies? Is it really important? Today it seems there is only one way to be male, a sort of golden cage in which we are forced from the moment we are born, made up by rights and duties, of privileges and chains. This book takes these rules apart,it overthrows them. It is a journey through stereotypes, aiming to destroy them.When we realize we live in a society in which there is only one way to be men, we understand how much even just reflecting on the subject can be a revolutionary act.

Mica Macho is a community born in 2020, a welcoming space to rethink what it means to be a man today, a plurality of voices, a movement made of and by people who are tired of ‘macho’ and want to redefine its meaning.