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Delitto al conservatorio

Delitto al conservatorio

The contest for enfant prodige is around the corner, and a member of the jury, a famous piano teacher, gets killed. The perpetrator: a black mamba.Exploring the backgrounds of the Conservatoire of Milan, detective Abdul Calì meets weak teachers, forced-to-be-strong children, and parents, who are ambitious at the expenses of their kids.Among moments of great music, Calì touches the subtle line between art and power, dedication and perversion.Zi Ming-Li, a great pianist girl, helps him understand that for great powers even a Bach sonata can be a reason to make war.A crime story full of music, humanity, wit and… poison.

Genre: Murder Mystery/Horror

Subject: Music

Publishing house:

Marcos y Marcos

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 416

Price: 18,00 €

ISBN: 978887168886

Foreign rights manager:

Delitto al conservatorio

Franco Pulcini

Franco Pulcini was born in Turin and his family wants him to be a Fiat engineer. But instead, since he was a kid, he loves music, he studies guitar, piano, composition and then musicology with the great Massimo Mila. Worldwide famous musicologist, he taught for forty years in the Conservatoire of Milan and is now the editorial director of La Scala.

Not only he wrote music essays, but he also published two novels and a successful crime story.