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Digiunare platealmente is a protest against need, hostility to the injunctions of appetite. But the reader should not be discouraged: if he knows how to spit out the bolus of a sometimes fibrous language, he will see in that resistance a higher dietetic knowledge, which here perhaps unites the chorismos of the Colliano philologist, Pascal\’s plier la machine, the symbol that forbids to Celan\’s poetry of closing in on its own circle of appearance, the spectral manifestations in the genealogy of Hegelian law. Metabolism has an intermittent, rhapsodic intensity.

Moritz Basilico was born in Starnberg in 1994. Italian by choice, he has lived for many years in Berlin, where he deals with the history of Greek medicine. He translated for the first time in German Filosofia dell’espressione by Giorgio Colli.