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Disintossicarsi da metalli pesanti, tossine e inquinanti ( How to rid your body of heavy metals, toxins and other )pollutants

  • • Heavy metals: what are the most contaminated food sources?
  • • Brain damages caused by heavy metals
  • • Safely removing mercury amalgams in dental fillings
  • • Detox your body: the secrets of chelation
  • • Spirulina, chlorella, vitamins and minerals, plant extracts and juices:your best detox friends

Heavy metals in cookware, pesticides, BPA in tins and cans, food additives,harmful substances in cosmetics and daily skincare products, transfats, white and refined flour and sugar, artificial sweeteners, exhaustgas, etc.: every day we spend our lives in a sea of poisons and we getsicker and sicker. Some scientists have even suggested that the increasein autism and Asperger syndrome is related to mercury content in vaccines.Furthermore, a higher concentration of mercury seems to havebeen found in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients.How to Rid Your Body of Heavy Metals, Toxins and other Pollutantstells you all about the damages caused by exposure to these pollutantsand explains in details how to avoid them. In addition, it explains howto detox your body in a safe and natural way using chelating agents(spirulina, chlorella, plant extracts, juices, etc.) and introduces a practicaland detailed detox programme.

Fortuna Luca

LUCA FORTUNA holds a degree in Naturopathyand a specialisation in Aromatherapy,Herbal and Flower Therapy.He has authored several popular books,among which 7 Really Essential Oilsand Omega 3-6-9, and regularly holdstraining courses in Italy and abroad.