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Draghi sepolti. Viaggio scientifico e sentimentale tra i vulcani d’Italia

To the vast majority of its inhabitants, this mountain is a living being, one with many faces, loved beyond measure. It is, to be precise, a ‘she’, with all the associated faults and virtues: caring mother, fiery lover, moody adolescent, sophisticated lady, a sincere friend, a maiden to be conquered, a grumbling wife, and so much more. She is in any case always, inevitably female, and as such, just the right amount of whimsical, mischievous and temperamental. When in a good mood, she will give you a reassuring welcome with her smoking, majestic profile, winking above the airport whose location has been named Fontanarossa (Red Fountain), in her honour. But there are times when she will cloak herself in bizarre clouds, or even vigorously reject you by darkening the sky with ashes, hindering all attempt.

Sabrina Mugnos is a vulcanologist, journalist and science writer who has worked with several newspapers and TV stations including RAI and Sky.