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Economia della Consapevolezza

Niccolò Branca, president and CEO of the holding of Gruppo Branca International S.P.A, explores the meaning of Economy of Awareness, its theoretical principles but also its countless applications, in both working and personal life. Choosing with awareness raw materials and operating procedures. Filling every day with passion, listening and dialogue. Offering, to employees and contributors, training courses, wellness, yoga and meditation. Understanding that the respect for people and environment is right as well as strategic. The Economy of Awareness rebuilds the bonding that used to link economy, thinking and spirituality. It offers a concrete and useful testimony. A practical model that places the human being at the center, and urges the search for meaning and happiness, also in the economy, the companies and the society.

Niccolò Branca is the president and CEO of the holding of the Gruppo Branca International S.P.A. Since 1999. The study of the mind and the constant meditation practice, embraced since the early Nineties, lead him to incorporate his leadership with human and spiritual dimensions. He has achieved a large number of business awards. He\’s author and co-author of several publications.