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Dedicated not only to visual designers, but also to all those who play a role in the process of book design and production, this handbook is an indispensable tool for approaching design, obtaining information, using technical suggestions and learning the historical and cultural elements that constitute the fundamental background of the editorial designer. The book deals with the field of book design through three distinct areas.

The first part provides an overview of the historical and cultural contexts that have allowed the development of printed reproduction techniques, from the earliest forms of writing to type design, up to the various analogue and digital techniques, as well as profiles of some of the giants of editorial graphics and typographic design.

In the second part, strictly technical themes and topics are considered, which are essential for anyone trying their hand at book design and quality printing: from formats to different types of paper, from image treatment to colour reproduction, packaging and choice of finishes.

The third part is an introduction to the discipline of design and the specific meaning of editorial graphics in all its aspects, from editing to page layout, from the cage to the cover. It also analyses themes linked to the brand and editorial marketing, to packaging as an expression of the book\’s values and then deals with the production process, focusing on the steps that, starting from the initial text, lead to the delivery of the book to the point of sale or to the customer.

The handbook is completed by a general glossary of terms used in design and production, a bibliography and a sitography.

Franco Achilli has a degree in Architecture from Milan Polytechnic. After working with G&R Associati, in 1995 he founded A+G Achilli Ghizzardi Associati, a visual design studio engaged in consulting for publishing companies, industrial groups and public institutions. He has taught at the IED, the Academy of Communication, NaBa and the Marangoni School of Design. He teaches Visual Identity at IULM and directs the course in Visual Design at Raffles Milano.