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During the first years of 2000, the Ufology National Center transmits documents that testimony the crash of a flying object near Milan in 1933. After the crash a long investigation followed. It was carried out by the so called «Gabinetto Ricerche Speciali 33», authorized by Benito Mussolini himself. To these strange events – that anticipated of some years the Roswell case and wrote again the history of Ufology – are inspired the events in Fortezza volante (The Flying Fortress). In this graphic novel, written by Lorenzo Palloni and illustrated by Miguel Vila, science fiction mingles with the historical novel: while the war consumes the entire world, the concerns of the allies, nazist, partisans and the Italian government are secretly concentrated on a mysterious space ship, landed some years before on the little town of Vergiate, in the province of Varese. The lives of the characters cross each other in the daring race towards the secrets of the alien technology that will write again the doom of the history, as we know it today. In this dystopic graphic novel Vila and Palloni give life to an original genre: the advertising of the Campari mix with the explosions, the uniforms of the balilla mix with the briefcases of the Men in Black. With a rhythm as that of James Ellroy and suggestions worthy of the great cults of the science fiction movies, Fortezza volante (The Flying Fortress) links together in a wise way what we know to what we are not able to know.

Lorenzo Palloni is author of Mooned, Scary Allan Crow and Falene, and illustrator of Un lungo cammino. For the French market, he has published the books L’île, La Louve and The Corner (with Andrea Settimo), winner of the Boscarato Prize for the best Italian author.

Miguel Vila was born in Padova in 1993. He is author of Padovaland (Boscarato Prize and Gran Guinigi Prize) and Fiordilatte, awarded best comic at Comicon 2021.