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Gioca il tuo ruolo

A collection of 75 cards, distinct for different learning levels, for use in role-playing games. Ideal for preparing for language certification exams. Level A1/A2/B1/B2.

• The cards of Play your role! allow the teacher to stimulate and verify oral interaction during extra curricular lessons (for example in the preparation for language certification exams) and offer students the opportunity to resign to the test in real but guided situations. • From 36 daily situations with semi-authentic documents, the 75 cards are ideal for developing, in pairs or small groups, the skills of understanding, production and above all oral interaction in Italian. • In the cards real situations are simulated through role-playing games that follow the ‘ rule of the unexpected ‘, just like in a real conversation, when the speaker does not know exactly what his interlocutor will say. • Each card contains a trace to build one’s role, with lexical elements and communicative functions to enrich the contents of the dialogue and broaden the topics of the situation. The package contains: • 75 illustrated cards • guide with notes and didactic proposals.

Maria Catia Sampaolesi is a teacher of Letters in the first grade secondary school.