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Glebalizzazione (Glebalisation)

Glebalizzazione (Glebalisation)

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Romania/Alexandria Publishing House - Il nuovo ordine erotico (Rizzoli 2018; rights sold: World English/Arktos Media, Romanian/Librariie Alexandria).


The most controversial present-day Italian philosopher reflects on the disastrous consequences of globalisation and the populist revolt of recent months.

 On one side the people; exploited, insecure and over-taxed, and on the other side the elite. A division that today seems irreconcilable, and caused by the globalisation and tyranny of the market.

“Capitalism renders us immobile, but gives us the illusion of moving towards the future”.

What we stubbornly call globalisation is in actual fact the removal of rights on a planetary scale. It isn’t globalisation, it’s “glebalisation”, in other words the serial production of new serfs, exploited, underpaid and with no security. It is the classist triumph of the global elite over the national working class. In its essence, globalisation coincides with the dynamic of re-plebilisation of the masses who at one time were safeguarded by rights earned through national States and now redefined as an immense serfdom held at the mercy of capital. This is the essence of glebalisation, explains the author, the founding of the new financial feudalism.

Genre: Essays

Subject: Politics and political science

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Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 416

Price: 18 euro

ISBN: 9788817141369

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Sales ranking: 3 editions in 2 months

Glebalizzazione (Glebalisation)

Diego Fusaro

Diego Fusaro (1983) teaches philosophy at the Università San Raffaele in Milan and at the IASSP (Institute for International Political Studies) in the same city. Among his most successful books we note: Bentornato Marx! Rinascita di un pensiero rivoluzionario (Bompiani 2009) Pensare altrimenti (Einaudi 2017) and Il nuovo ordine erotico (Rizzoli 2018; rights sold: World English/Arktos Media, Romanian/Librariie Alexandria). He works with daily newspapers La Stampa and Il Fatto Quotidiano.