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This is a fairy tale inspired by the true story of Homerous, a sea turtle who was found, badly injured, in a fisherman’s net near the coast of Sicily.  It was a desperate case, she has been hit by the propeller of a motor boat causing her paws paralysis and therefore she could no longer swim independently.  However, she was lovingly treated in the Lampedusa Turtle Recovery Center and after 8 years she was able to regain her freedom. She is now being monitored via a satellite transmitter, which has been placed on her carapace.  The story tells the life of Homerous, from birth to ‘rebirth’ after her unfortunate adventure. To make young readers better acquainted with the characteristics of these fascinating animals, scientific notes and interesting curiosities about their life and their surprising habits have been included.

Chiara Giudice was born in Milan in 1995. In 2017 she graduated from the IED in Milan in illustration for children.  She likes to draw with the pencil, in the smallest details, the subjects that strike her.  Animals, flowers, trees come to life and give her the inspiration to tell fairy tales which takes their cue from reality and want to show, in the eyes of children, the beauty of nature and how important it is to defend it.