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Mysterious apparitions in a disused hotel make an old story about a former hospital for children with rare deformities resurface.• The vivid illustrations of a young Italian illustrator convey the disturbing atmosphere of an episode from the past.After his wife left him, the writer finds by chance, in a drawer, the novel he had interrupted years before and decides to finish it. Yet, to do so he needs a special place, in slight decline, like his state of mind. He arrives at the Baltimore Hotel, a dilapidated old hotel: welcomeing him there is Miss Kraven, a lady with a face covered in fine wrinkles, and Alighieri, an enormous cat with smoke-coloured fur. Right from the start, however, the writer notices that something is wrong: he perceives disturbing presences, glimpses silhouettes of children, while strange writing appears and then disappears right away. One day, while in the library, he discovers that the place was once called Baltimore House, a hospital for unfortunate children suffering from rare deformities. In 1966 there had been a fire in which everyone had died, but the body of Ellis, the little girl who had appeared in his room during the first night, had never been found. Shaken and terrified, the writer just wanted to leave. Something, however, holds him back, prompting him to investigate. And, putting together the pieces of the puzzle, he discovers a disconcerting truth… But how to bring it to light? Who will ever believe him?

Davide Calì was born in Switzerland. He is a cartoonist, illustrator and author of children’s books, with almost a hundred titles to his credit, translated in over thirty countries, some of them award- winning in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the United States. He has published with several Italian publishers, including Terre di Mezzo, Orecchio Acerbo Editore, KITE Edizioni, Zoolibri. I bambini di Baltimore House is the first title published for Pelledoca Editore.