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I mini gialli dell’intelligenza numerica 1 – Ispettrice Numeroni e il furto sul set cinematografico

A fun book-game, designed by Professor Daniela Lucangeli and her research group at the University of Padua, to train numerical intelligence in primary school and learn mathematics with a playful and entertaining approach.

Inspector Numeroni and her helpers, the Slums Mice, have to find out who stole the film set in Piazza di Spagna in Rome, but they need your help to collect the clues! Numerous exercises and fun games will allow primary school children to learn mathematics and train their numerical intelligence in an original and stimulating way. Children will have to find the clues and collect the clue stickers, which they can stick on the suspects\’ board, to solve the mystery.

The activities proposed are designed to

– stimulate attention to the mental processes that support the learning of mathematics;

– enhance divergent and creative thinking

– engage through an intriguing narrative inspired by puzzles and playful teaching.

In the first volume, the activities focus on:

– numbers from 1 to 20;

– mental calculation: addition and subtraction;

– geometry: visual-spatial skills, shapes and figure rotations;

– data and relationships: probability.

– measurements: weight.

The series \’Numeric Intelligence Mini Mysteries\’.

The series aims to turn the learning of mathematics into an opportunity for implicit learning and active fun. The volumes have an increasing level of complexity, are designed in line with the mathematics curriculum and can be useful both to consolidate learning and to address catch-up and reinforcement with a fun approach.

Daniela Lucangeli is a Professor of Developmental Psychology and President of the National Association for Specialized Teachers. Adriana Molin is a psychologist specializing in life cycle psychology and an expert in learning psychopathology. Nicoletta Perini is a psychologist specialized in learning psychopathology and psychological testing. Silvana Poli is a psychologist, an expert in learning difficulties.