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I misteri della logica 1 Le indagini di zia Teresa – Rapimento a Rialto

A comic book mystery for practicing logic skills in primary school

How can you help a 6 year old child with limited literacy skills develop autonomous logical skills?

Here’s the answer: a mystery comic strip, which enhances visual skills and minimizes written text. Children can follow the story in complete autonomy and carry out fun activities, which will help them develop reasoning skills.

 It is a beautiful spring morning and the sun is shining on the Rialto market. All of a sudden, however, something upsets the cheerful atmosphere: Mimì the poodle has disappeared … Did she run away or was she kidnapped?

 To find out what happened, the children will have to help Ms. Teresa collect the clues and carry out captivating logical challenges such as finding the missing shape, rotating letters and shapes, rearranging and completing sequences, solving mazes, finding the mysterious character by verifying the identikit, completing symmetries, reading and completing groups.

Antonio Calvani was a professor of Special Education and Pedagogy at the University of Florence. He is the author of numerous teaching and learning books. He is president of the SApIE Association. Benedetto Zanaboni is a graduate in Primary Education and Social Education. He worked for ten years as a professional educator.  Currently he is a primary school teacher. He collaborates with the SApIE Association and the University of Florence.