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Il cinema di Michael Cimino (The Cinema of Michael Cimino)

Il cinema di Michael Cimino (The Cinema of Michael Cimino)

Foreign rights sold:
Éditions de Grenelle (France)

A great director whose visionary and controversial films were never analyzed so deeply. A complete monograph with an unpublished interview of Cimino and an impressive collection of 300 photos.

Just two years after Michael Cimino’s resounding success with The Deer Hunter (1978), his equally resounding flop Heaven’s Gate (1980) made him the brunt of Hollywood’s merciless ostracism and put an early end to his directing career. Author Giampiero Frasca dedicates his rich and detailed study to this most intriguing artist whose cinema unleashed the bitterest and most scathing debates at the time. The author’s aim is not to propose the re-evaluation of the director’s work, but rather to bring a penetrating analysis to Cimino’s films beyond the rumors and scandals of the day. Indeed, the sensational fervor in the wake of Heaven’s Gate wielded tremendous influence upon the judgment of public and critics alike.

  • – Pasolini, Kubrick, Tarantino, Bergman, and now Cimino: Gremese again positions itself as cinema’s best publisher. This new series of monographs on great directors is a fine example.
  • – A precious unpublished interview of Cimino enriches this rare and most complete monograph on the director. Equally impressive is the collection of nearly 300 photos.

Genre: Essays

Subject: Cinema/theatre/dance

Publishing house:

Gremese International

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Roma

Number of pages: 240

Price: 24,00 €

ISBN: 978-88-6692-058-8

Foreign rights manager: Alberto Gremese:

Il cinema di Michael Cimino (The Cinema of Michael Cimino)

Giampiero Frasca

Giampiero Frasca is also author of a book on I cancelli del cielo / Heaven’s Gate published by Gremese. Among Frasca’s other notable film studies: Road Movie (2001), C’era una volta il western / Once Upon a Time the Western (2007), Storia e storie del cinema americano / History and Stories of American Cinema (2013) and La suspense / Suspense (2015).

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