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America, 1920s. Shirley loves to write and make up mystery stories that she reads aloud to her family, but they don’t seem to show much interest. So, Shirley, resolute and stubborn, decides that she will never write again.Certain events, however, force her to change her mind. In her neighborhood, mysterious little events begin to happen: an ownerless puppy takes a liking to her, while some unexplained disappearances of dogs begin to terrorize the inhabitants of the area where she lives.Between children playing with dolls and stuffed dogs, between fiction and reality, Shirley has nothing left but to investigate to discover the truth, and she will succeedthanks to the theory of dreaming dogs.A delightful story starring Shirley Jackson, the celebratedAmerican writer of horror, mystery and gothic.

Alice Keller was born in Bologna in 1988. After a period spent between theater and music, she is involved in writing for children and teenagers. She is the author of novels, illustrated books and graphic novels, published in Italy and abroad.