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The Inspector Sherlock Holmes is in action in Italy.• The perfect ingredients of the detective story mixed with a good dose of adventure.• An resourceful young protagonist puts his courage to the test.At the beginning of the 20th century, Emilio survives among thefts and gimmicks on thestreets of a shabby neighborhood in Bologna together with the Banda dei Topi, other kids without families like him. The arrival of a bizarre English tourist, a frequenter of taverns and addicted to drinking and gambling, offershim the opportunity to earn some money byputting himself at his service.But both Emilio and the Englishman hide more than one secret. And the mysterious disappearance of Count Ludovico GisbertoTesta Piccolomini will force them into the meanders of a complicated investigation, gradually bringing two worlds so distant from each other closer together, while the ghost of England’s most famous detective, Mr SherlockHolmes, hovers over everything.

Luca Occhi, imolese by adoption, he is one of the founders of Officine Wort. He has won several prizes; in 2016 he won the 4th edition of the Premio LetterarioInternazionale Città di San Giuliano Milanese and the Garfagnana in Giallo for the unpublished short story section.