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Handwriting, is personal and inimitable, the result of cognitive and manual skills, has ancient origins because it has accompanied the path of civilization and is a symbol of knowledge, means of communication and self-expression. Today, however, its value is questioned by the massive use of word processing and the handwriting of the new generations are increasingly less effective due to the impoverishment of manual skills. This book is addressed to all those who wish to re-evaluate handwriting, to rediscover its charm, and to educators and parents who have the delicate task of teaching it to children.In the pedagogical and educational field, the book, full of exercises and illustrations, intends to offer primary and nursery school teachers appropriate tools and methodologies, aimed at preparing the graphic gesture for cursive and block letters, encouraging the acquisition of a loose, clear and harmonious handwriting, and preventing problems of writing difficulties. The author also proposes many activities for the preparation of the graphic gesture and the development of basic skills through play, addressing the issues of handwriting, dysgraphia and its prevention, evaluating the obstacles of subjects with writing difficulties. Because handwriting is a useful, functional, expressive and formidable tool for every individual, today and tomorrow.

Simona Cassarino, from Milan, lives on the shores of Lake Iseo, where she deals with dysgraphia. Trained with the European Association of Dysgraphia, she carries out activities in schools with graphic gesture education projects and teacher training. She works as a re-educator of graphic gestures with dysgraphic subjects and she also works as a popularizer of manual writing.