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Il piccolo libro dello yoga (The Little Book of Yoga)

Il piccolo libro dello yoga (The Little Book of Yoga)


With this book, the yoga becomes really for everyone! A little guide, simple but in-depth, in 10 points for the beginners.

If we think about yoga, we straightaway think about the image of a mat unrolled on the floor and the sound of a relaxing music. But that’s really it? Impossible!

For anyone who needs to know more, here it a mini-dictionary, in which Francesca Senette – journalist and yoga teacher – guides us to discovering this discipline, through 10 key-words:

  • Yoga
  • Asana
  • Yama and Niyama
  • Om
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Karma
  • Chakra
  • Namasté

This book is perfect for anyone who already tried the practice and tested himself with positions and breathing techniques; for anyone who is curious about this famous discipline but doesn’t know it very well; for anyone who is an enthusiast and is looking for a clear and well-written book, for himself or as a gift.

A guide for anyone who wants to immerse deeply himself in the philosophy of yoga, a thousand-year old knowledge, that teaches awareness, gratitude, concentration, harmony, and balance.

Yoga means just union: between mind and body, soul and spirit.

Genre: How-To

Subject: Lifestyle / Leisure / Sport

Publishing house:

Edizioni Sonda

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 128

Price: € 14,00

ISBN: 9788872240847

Foreign rights manager: Maria Teresa Sirna,

Il piccolo libro dello yoga (The Little Book of Yoga)

Francesca Senette

Francesca Senette is a professional journalist, who has always loved and divulged wellnes and healthy and eco-friendly lifestyles. She studies and teaches hatha yoga, pranayama and yoga nidra. TV anchorwoman for years, she wrote articles and books, hosted shows, conferences and events, and she is often guest of TV programs for speaking about yoga and health. She is a real wellness influencer and shares everyday her path with more than 40000 followers on Instagram.