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Il trio della Dama Nera – Sherlock Lupin e io vol. 1

What would have happened if Sherlock Holmes and Arsène Lupin had been friends when they were kids? That is, before they became the smartest detective and most cunning thief of all time? With her engaging writing style, Irene Adler, their partner in all their adventures, tells us all about the amazing mysteries they solve together. Both intriguing and plain good fun, this crime series recreates all the atmosphere of Arthur Conan Doyle’s London and a Paris living under the cloud of an imminent war…

“Enjoyable brainteaser with a period flavor” – Kirkus Reviews.
Rights sold in 18 languages.

Years before becoming a character in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler was a curious, intelligent and rebellious 12-year-old. She also loved writing so much that she decided to tell the incredible mysteries solved together with his friends Sherlock and Lupine in a series of books.