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Io, Alice e il buio buio

Io, Alice e il buio buio

This book is intended for those who love the dark but also for those who prefer light, it is a book for everyone, but especially for those who are curious.

A catalog of all types of dark that we continuously experience, without perhaps paying too much attention. Because the dark is not just one, but it is made up of all the forms of darkness that inhabit the rooms and places we go through at different times of the day.

In this book, the curiosity of two children guides us to discover the dark, giving back poetic words, reading, new points of view and some challenges.

The hidden guest of these pages is also the fear of the dark, towards which the best antidote is curiosity, peer sharing and the possibility of using the brightening power of words to describe the world in our own way.

Genre: Kids

Publishing house:

Edizioni EL

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: San Dorligo della Valle (Trieste)

Number of pages: 40

Price: 12,90€

ISBN: 9788867149636

Foreign rights manager:

Io, Alice e il buio buio

Alessandra Racca - Anna Castagnoli

Alessandra Racca writes poems published online, in magazines and anthologies. She is the author of readings in which she mixes poetry and theatricality with a massive dose of irony.

Anna Castagnoli author, illustrator, critic, her books have been published in Italy by several publishers and translated into many languages. In 2017 she published Il manuale dell’illustratore(Editrice Bibliografica), a complete guide to the profession.