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Io, bullo

Io, bullo

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A school in the outskirts, a problem class, an absent father. A story on bulling seen from the eye of the bully.

Alessandro is a boy of thirteen who lives in one of the most difficult suburbs of Palermo. The arrest of his father, accused of murder, and the symbolic passage of his role as head of the family deeply marked him. Always ready to go for a fight, in the classroom he feels the master and doesn’t respect the rules. Supported by his old friends, he insults his companions, especially the weakest, appropriates the things of others and destroys them for sheer amusement. He has a brash attitude and almost no one dares to contradict him. One day, however, it puts the life of a companion at risk. And everything changes.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:

Edizioni EL

Year of publication: 2018

Published in: San Dorligo della Valle (Trieste)

Number of pages: 128

Price: 10,00 €

ISBN: 9788866564751

Foreign rights manager:

Io, bullo

Giusi Parisi

Giusi Parisi was born in 1978 in Palermo, where she lives and teaches in a high school. Passionate reader of books for children and teenagers, she considers these tools indispensable for the development of creativity and free thought