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“Alpinism is first a dream, then a venture, and finally a story. But most of all, it’s a dream, the dream of a mountain. Because mountains belong also to whom has never reached the top of them, to whom has seen them only drawn in papers, or to whom has loved it through the pages of a book. In this book is the dream of the K2” – Paolo Cognetti

 According to Reinhold Messner, K2 is the most impregnable mountain among the Eight-thousanders, a lot more challenging than the Mount Everest. That’s why a simple traditional book is not sufficient to pay tribute to such a myth as the K2. Alessandro Boscarino has created a unique piece of work with this book, a real paper snake which, unfolding to 7 metres, retraces a century of challenges among the ice, using maps, splendid stock shots and detailed itineraries and paths: from the Nineteenth century cartographers and scientists’ expeditions to Walter Bonatti and the Pakistani porter Amir Mahdi’s (aka Hunza Mahdi) high-altitude adventures, who, in 1954, enabled Italian mountaineers Achille Compagnoni and Lino Lacedelli to conquer the summit of K2 for the first time in history. A reading experience, immersive and overwhelming, which perfectly blend graphics, photography, illustrations and narration.

Original format  – Pages: 48 illustrated pages – Binding: hardcover with slipcase, concertina – Trim size: 30×48 cm

Optional: traditional edition with reduced format (pdf available) –  Pages: 82 illustrated pages –  Binding: hardcover with slipcase – Trim size: 22,5×36 cm





Alessandro Boscarino (1982) is a graphic designer and an art director from Milano. This is his first book.