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A modern fairy tale about migrants, environment and solidarity. From the true – and tragic – story of a group of blue whales washed ashore on beach, in Italy, Balenottera Mar tells the story of the deaf whale Mar, her brothers and the peculiar anti-drilling protest she stages.
Mar became deaf due to a clanging in the sea, but managed to orientate herself following her bothers\’ actions. One day Mar found a boat that was making the same clanging that made her deaf. And now the boat was making the other whales lose their orientation. The beached whales were saved by some humans, but three of them died. So Mar and hundreds of other whales staged their own protest, sorrounding the boat for two days and two nights.

Tommaso Di Francesco. Author and co-editor in chief for Il Manifesto. His first works were published by Pier Paolo Pasolini on Nuovi Argomenti. He is a published novelist and poet.

Mauro Biani. Cartoonist, illustrator and sculptor. Currently cartoonist for Il Manifesto, L’Espresso, i Siciliani e Azione Nonviolenta. He also collaborates with Courrier International, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, Mamma!.