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Two ancient legends tinge the Brianza area with mystery, one narrating the deeds of a courageous indomitable warrior and in the odor of sanctity, intent, in a land in danger, to save a girl and defeat a dragon, the other recalling the story of a greedy who, struck by madness, goes desperately in search of a lost wayfarer. A warrior, a maiden, a dragon and a miser struck by madness. It’s all here, in these pages that take on the contours of two sparkling legends. ,An unmissable book for lovers of folk tales.

Giuseppe Spiotta resides in the green Brianza. He has published several books. Many of his works have been included in anthologies and published in magazines.  Some of his stories have been included in junior high school textbooks. With “Il Ciliegio” he published: The Witches of the lake, The legend of the Horns of Canzo, La Brianza-San Giorgio and the Dragon, The treasure of Colle Brianza, The Shepherd who wove the clouds, and The legend of lake Carezza.