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La casa di Henriette (The House of Henriette)

La casa di Henriette (The House of Henriette)


An overwhelming story of an extraordinary and deep bond, that starts a quest with an unexpected outcome. A book private as an existential novel, and fascinating as a psychological thriller.

Based on a true story, a casual event that marked his youth and his growing path, the first coming-of-age novel by the Italian psychoanalist Domenico Barrilà.

Sicily, late Sixties of the past century. During a visit at the cemetery, because of the premature death of his father, Domenico stumbles across some ruins. They hide the tomb of Henriette, a four-years old child, who died in 1883. An unexpected discovery, that addresses the life of the protagonist, perhaps even professionaly. Its epilogue forces us to look inside ourselves with more curiosity.

Genre: Biographies/autobiographies/memoirs

Publishing house:

Edizioni Sonda

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 192

Price: € 19,00

ISBN: 9788872240779

Foreign rights manager: Maria Teresa Sirna,

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La casa di Henriette (The House of Henriette)

Domenico Barrilà

Domenico Barrilà is an adlerian analyst, and he attends to clinical activity since 35 years. He is the author of a successful series of essays on education and learning, and he is well-known abroad. Furthermore, he is a speaker of several seminaries and conferences, both for specialists and lovers.