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On the outskirts of a city, in the old port district, at 3 Flounder Street, there’s a big, pink house. And in that big pink house live some rowdy but thoroughly lovable cats. Their lives have become intertwined with Filippo’s, the mouse who lives up in the tiny attic. And, over time, they’ve become great friends.
A new family of characters – made up of the author’s most beloved animals – that will delight children with fun, positive stories, written in simple, clear language.
Winner of the 2010 Italian Andersen Award for Best Character.

The publisher offers a huge selection of boardbooks, including ones with activity pages, for learning to read while having fun with cats.

She has been called one of the greatest interpreters of the childhood world because she keeps childhood within herself and sees the world through the eyes of a child. Since 1980 she has been telling dozen of stories with words and images: more than 300 books, published both in Italy and in many other countries such as Russia, Greece, Spain and China. Over the years she has received very important prizes and awards. She has also created a line of games for children.